Cesarean Birth Doula Support

“Holistic – all parts are intimately connected; mind, body and soul”

What is it? –

The Holistic Cesarean includes facilitating a “labour period” or period of relaxation and connection using various techniques before the birth. This provides a way to allow the birth to feel like exactly that, a birth, a journey, a process, a coming-to-terms-with your baby leaving your body to enter the world. It provides a more natural cesarean birth experience.

Whilst a standard C-section takes care of the physical body only, The Holistic Cesarean takes into account the importance of the emotional experience too.

The techniques can include Calming Touch techniques, music, affirmations, aromatherapy oils and hypnosis or anything that makes you feel comfortable and connected. Also used before and after the birth if wanted are emotional integration techniques to help you remain connected to your experience and anchoring techniques if wanted to aid deep relaxation before, during and after the birth.

Not only does this enable a positive birth experience mentally and emotionally, it enables oxytocin (the birth/bonding/breastfeeding hormone) to increase giving a prime foundation for connection with your baby and your self and for your milk to come in and flow).

We focus on creating a calm atmosphere before and during the birth in theatre and choosing the most appropriate hospital and consultant to ensure your wishes are heard and carried out whenever possible.

We can also discuss many options such as breathing techniques, comfort measures and plenty of knowledge to help you make informed and empowered choices as well as discussing what to expect from your care providers, hospital protocols and navigation of your rights.

Also covered in the preparation is implementing physically beneficial measures to your baby if you choose to by using techniques inspired by the Jentle Cesarean or natural caesarean method (pioneered by expert midwife Jenny Smith). These include delayed cord clamping, skin-to-skin in theatre and much more which we can discuss to see if they feel right for you.

These are evidence-based methods and some may be right for you while others may not, it is your informed choice which guides the way.

Also covered is seeding the microbiome which may have a positive effect on babies’ gut health as babies born by cesarean are not exposed to the vaginal bacteria (BMJ 2016 A.J. Cunnington) to explore whether this is a suitable choice for you dependant on factors such as Group B Strep.

There are many other options to explore together as well such as skin to skin in theatre and initiating feeding, watching the birth if you’d like to and much more.

From these conversations, we can create your birth preferences and the best way to have them supported.

We will also discuss recovery after the birth, both the physical and practical side and the emotional ranging from feeding help and increasing breast milk supply (if you wish to breastfeed) to emotionally processing the birth of your baby.

Whether you’re having a planned Caesarian by choice or you’re choosing or needing to have a cesarian birth due to medical factors, your choice is valued and valid and we will explore your feelings around this in our preparation sessions.

For more information, please see Services which details various booking options suited to your needs and budget including options with or without my attendance.

If cost is an issue, please get in touch as we may be able to work something out depending on circumstances and payment plans are also an option.

I look forward to hearing from you, Ebony.

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