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My name is Ebony Gilbert and I have facilitated The Holistic Cesarean both within the NHS and privately and pioneered this method. I also use elements of the Jentle and Natural Cesarian method, sometimes called a family-centred Caesarian. (There are many different spelling of cesarian hence the changes in writing).

Having worked as a doula within the birth field for the last few years, I have naturally been led to supporting more cesarean births and am very pleased to be making a difference in what I view to be a very important area. With a cesarean rate in the U.K. of around 25%, this is a very necessary area in need of emotional support.

Having witnessed and listened to many of my clients’ and friends’ birth stories over the years, I have noticed that women often feel elements of dissatisfaction or trauma or disconnection associated with cesarean births and I feel very privileged to be making a difference to women’s birth experiences.

The Holistic Cesarean method came about organically after my own cesarean birth experience. Although I won’t go into detail about my own story because this is about you and your experience, I feel it is helpful to understand why this method can be so helpful and positive.

My emergency cesarean was not what I had planned and was a big fear of mine having planned a natural birth. I found the cesarean felt like an operation rather than a birth and felt there was no journey or process, that my baby had suddenly been removed from me without my having a part in it.

I spent much time afterwards processing the experience which felt traumatic to me with my own doula and therapist.

A cesarean is always a birth, it is just a different way of giving birth, but the feeling can often be that the birth experience has been lost or taken away which can lead to feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety and depression and often a detachment from the experience.

My hope is that you will emerge from your cesarean birth experience feeling whole, connected and empowered and with a feeling of having given birth because you have. That there has been a journey, a positive birth experience.

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