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Emily McCart

I can’t rave about Ebony enough, in fact so much that my best friend has already booked Ebony for her birth. 

She is a fountain of knowledge and very understanding of the birth you would personally like. She doesn’t enforce any views but will provide factual evidence so you can make your own informed decisions. For me she was the perfect blend of medical vs alternative.

Her expertise extends further than just during the birth, she gave top tips for everything for how your body delivers the baby to the best toys & beds to buy. I would still text her months after Eddie was born to ask her opinion…and she is always right! 

During the birth she was extremely calm, very understanding, amazing at pressure point massage and guided me through my breathing, all while being very assertive with the medical staff.

Finally and most importantly for me she is a very genuine, loveable, warm person. I instantly liked her and felt very at ease in her company, she is non judgemental, funny, kind and I couldn’t have asked more from her during my birth.

Melanie Nolan

Although I was thrilled to discover I was pregnant I have to admit I was also scared about the process and with no close female relatives in London I was a bit uneasy about what support I would have on hand – I did some research and thought that a Doula sounded like the answer to my prayers. I did a lot of internet searching and realised that I needed to find someone I could relate to – someone who would understand where I was coming from and if possible try to steer clear of some of the ‘hippy’ cliches. And then I found Ebony! What a revelation. 

Ebony is not only incredibly knowledgable with great experience, but she is so warm and supportive with a really great sense of humour. Ever since I met Ebony for a coffee after work when I was 5 months pregnant she’s been there for me. The only way I can think of to really explain my experience with Ebony was that having her by my side was like having a best friend who just happens to know absolutely everything there is to know about birth and early days. From the start we just ‘clicked’. Ebony really understood my hesitations and concerns, without ever preaching, she talked me through them and was able to recommend the best books and websites, sent me supportive texts and was with me every step of the way. I don’t know what I would have done with out her. 

During the actual birth Ebony was an absolute Godsend – I don’t think my husband has ever been so happy to see anyone! Ebony and I had prepared for a natural water birth using hypnobirthing… although things didn’t exactly go as planned as my waters broke 24 hours before I actually went into labour. I was devastated to be missing out on the birth experience I’d imagined and was really emotional and Ebony absolutely took care of me. She stayed by my side the whole time, talked me through each step as I went through the contractions, Hypno-exercises, then the gas and finally an induced birth with epidural. Ebony was the one that held my hand during the birth and welcomed our little girl into the world. Having her support me is something I’ll never forget and I’ll always be grateful for. 

I stayed a couple of nights in hospital and when I got home Ebony came around for post-natal chats and support and it was great to see a friendly-face and have a girlfriend to talk through the experience with.

I believe Ebony is just one of the world’s naturally caring people, I feel so lucky to have met her. She’s so easy to relate to and we really have a great laugh together. If I ever had any questions that Ebony couldn’t answer on the spot she would research the answer for me. I think of Ebony as not only the best decision I made for my birth experience but also as a friend, she’s a wonderful, wonderful woman. 

Leah McCormack

I chose Ebony as my postnatal doula because in addition to being prompt in her replies, she seemed relaxed and cheery and from our first correspondence gave off good energy.

Ebony came in with an attitude of total supportiveness and no judgment. She listened and comforted me when I shared with her how I ended up needing an emergency cesarian. She felt like an immediate friend.

She was always responsive, professional, and helpful. She is the kind of person that I felt like I could immediately be open with, and she is a pleasure to have around.

I would highly recommend Ebony. Her cheery, relaxed nature is exactly what new moms need around them. She is an amazing listener and I also felt very comfortable with her watching the baby; she is patient and capable and in general just gives off good energy.

Silvia and Rafael

My husband and I were supported by Ebony before, during and after the birth of our son in October 2014. We also attended her Hypnobirthing training. Ebony gave us a lot of information about the birthing process and labour. Together we evaluated our different options. We were confident and fortunate enough to have a home birth. 

Ebony was absolutely perfect to have around. We enjoyed her humour, her spirit and her attitude. Ebony is highly empathetic. Whereas I am the relatively quiet and my husband more bubbly, Ebony understood it very well to balance her attention between me and my husband and gave me an absolute comfortable felling. I could really open up and be most relaxed around her. Ebony assisted us long before the midwife arrived, in preparing the rooms and help me coping with the surges. 

After the birth Ebony was there with tips and emotional support and helped us with contacts from her wide network. I surely missed her positivity when having my second child in a different country. It is absolutely worthwhile hiring a Doula to assist with any pregnancy and birth, it makes a big difference.


Ebony has been wonderful and exactly what I was looking for in a doula! She has a warm, bubbly personality and is a calm, emphatic listener with an incredible wealth of knowledge on all things birth. She gave me total support with no judgement whatsoever. She was always available for a comforting chat, especially when things didn’t go as planned (as they do!) and after birth.


We were looking to be as prepared for our little guy’s arrival as possible, and knew that like preparing for a marathon or exam, preparing for birth is just as essential.  Ebony was an awesome “trainer”, full of information and techniques to help demystify giving birth and allow my husband to be part of the process which made me feel like it was truly a team effort.  Her hypnobirthing sessions were such a crucial part of ensuring that our minds and hearts were ready, and we felt empowered that we had the ability to somewhat control how things would pan out when the time came.

The birth was everything we wanted; over and done with in 24 hours, no drugs, water birth, and Ebony was so relaxed that her calmness was definitely absorbed by me, my husband, the midwives and I reckon my son… his heart rate never changed during his birth.

It was after the baby arrived that Ebony truly showed the depth of her empathy and experience.  I had some complications post birth with the placenta, and Ebony held my hand and helped me remained focused and calm while my husband could give his attention to our new baby.  She didn’t leave my side in the ambulance and initial time at the hospital, and I really can’t thank her enough for her support during these hours.  Everything was fine and we were out of the hospital and home before we knew it, and I really owe it to Ebony for the fact that even though there were some hiccups at the end, we had such an incredible birth and consequently a happy, healthy little man.

Anoushka S.
My amazing friend Ebony Gilbert is an incredible doula. I so wish I had had someone like her by my side during my first pregnancy. A caesarian can be frightening and traumatic, and it’s beautiful that she is doing something to help women who need to have one still have a beautiful and spiritually-connected birth if possible.
Vicki S.

Ebony is a most talented Doula and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She supported me through my pregnancy and the hypno-homebirth of my second son Donovan in 2014. I’m currently pregnant with 3rd baby and when we found out we were expecting again the first thing we did was book Ebony for the upcoming birth. Some specific notes from our experience;

Knowledge and passion – Ebony is deeply passionate and well read about all things maternity and birth related. The fact that she’s also KG hypnobirthing teacher trained is a real plus for us as that was fundamental to the birth approach we believe in.

Experienced, well respected and connected in the doula network – so even if there was something she hadn’t had direct personal experience of herself, Ebony was quickly able to consult with other doulas and share reassuring examples and experience from other mothers.

Personality, humanity and connection – as soon as I met Ebony I knew she was the doula for us. Her warmth and personality meant that I instantaneously felt I trusted and believed in her and very quickly felt comfortable with her as if she were an old friend. For me this meant when our son’s birthing day arrived she immediately and unobtrusively slipped in to her role and I genuinely felt we were a seamless team. This total trust and the resultant relaxation (I’m usually a control freak) enabled me get in to my hypnobirthing zone, and Ebony guided me to a position that worked, with light tough massage techniques that fit perfectly with my hypnobirthing practice.

Ebony’s respect for the role of father/birth partner – again a significant point for us, particularly as we were hypnobirthing.  Of course the Doula role during labour is primarily to support the birthing mother but Ebony connected so well with my husband too during our antenatal appointments that it was really empowering for him.

Respectful and sympathetic of our history – our first baby was stillborn at 36wks and Ebony’s incredible skills meant that she was such a fundamental support during our anxious second pregnancy and the ultimate wonderful homebirth. For me it was so important to be able to take back some control and have the birth I wanted second time round and Ebony truly enabled that. I had a wonderfully positive birth experience and genuinely could not imagine doing it without Ebony on my team.

Mallory Kauppila

I had the pleasure of having Ebony as my birth and post-natal doula. She was the greatest friend I never knew I had until I delivered my daughter, Imogen. Ebony is a wealth of information and support –  just what I needed with the overwhelming, emotional and unpredictable days of early motherhood!  Her warm, friendly and can-do demeanour makes it easy to open up, ask for help and not at all uncomfortable having her around your home at such a crazy, but special, time.  She’s the best listener – extremely empathetic and completely non-judgemental. I would highly recommend Ebony to anyone looking for friendly, caring and knowledgable support throughout their pregnancy and after.

Melina and Neal

To have Ebony as our birth doula and to do the hypnobirthing class with her was honestly one of the best decisions we ever made. We had a really positive birth experience and I will always be grateful for the wonderful preparation & support from her throughout the pregnancy, labour & birth. She is an amazing person & I wholeheartedly recommend her as a doula.

R & N

As soon as Ebony walked through the door, we knew she was the right Doulah for us. Her smile and natural warmth put us immediately at ease. She helped us develop a birth plan that was right for us. and her support during the birth was fundamental to being able to stick to it. The after birth support she gave was sensitive and vital to help us manage some of the more challenging aspects of what we had experienced. Ebony has the perfect balance of being highly professional and extremely personable. I would recommend her to anyone looking for extra support for their birth.


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